What lies behind the rise of countries with advanced technology in the world is the application of the necessary technologies by means of innovation which is dependent on the skills of the entrepreneurs and them taking on the risk. And entrepreneurship plays an effective role in revealing these technologies. Entrepreneurship encourages economic growth by means of bringing innovative processes along with it. The companies operating in the industrial sector, the R & D centers and universities as well as the public institutions have a crucial responsibility in the improvement and encouragement of these two factors. Turkey has noticed the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and makes significant investments in this field with all of its institutions. The way to close the gap with countries having advanced technology is to promote the innovative ideas, products, and services.

In this context, TECHXTILE INNOVATION LEAGUE is open for application of all departments of all R&D centers across Turkey and companies in the textile and confection industry that are members of the Textile and Confection Exporters’ Association, and the following departments can participate:

R&D Departments

Design Departments

Business Development Departments

Sales and Marketing Departments

Planning Departments

Manufacturing-Operation Departments

There is no limitation on the number of project applications (A company can only be entitled to receive one award).