Reyhan Miray Reyhan, the winner of TechXtile Start-Up Challenge’s Scale-Up category, was the guest of UTİB’s R&D Centers Capacity Building Support training. In the training given by Ufuk Batum to the Innovation League 2021 finalists, the participants exchanged ideas about entrepreneurship with Reyhan and Batum.

UTİB held the third training for finalist companies within the scope of TechXtile Innovation League 2021. TechXtile Start-Up Challenge Scale-Up winner Reyhan Miray Reyhan participated in the R&D Centers Capacity Building Support (mini-MBA program) training marathon, which continues without slowing down. TechXtile Program Coordinator Ufuk Batum said, “We always emphasize the importance of R&D centers working together with Start-Ups. I believe that the mutual exchange of ideas with Reyhan Miray Reyhan, one of the newest and most successful examples of the rapidly developing entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey, will be very beneficial.”




Ufuk Batum also noted that creating and implementing a business model offers a great advantage to the development of companies and drew attention to the critical importance of innovation. Batum also advises  Start-Ups: “Creating a business model is an important tool for the success of the business. We should determine our customer relations according to the segments in our business model. While it is of great importance to position the product well in the market, if there is no continuous financing opportunity, the product may be deleted from the market. With the pandemic, the volume of e-commerce has increased considerably. Among the channels of reaching customers, digital ones have gained great momentum. Society as well as companies need to catch up with innovation. There is an important piece of advice I would like to give to Start-Ups. While buyers are just getting used to alternative products, brands warn the market about unconventional products with a big budget, which can be advantageous for new product developers. The entry of large firms into the market should not frighten small firms. You should see yourself in competition, not in struggling with them. Once the market share is established, there are enough buyers for everyone. The important thing is to understand the shortcomings of the products in the market and to shape the product accordingly”.




Reyhan Miray Reyhan, who introduced the special menstrual underwear she developed and explained how she came from the emergence of the ‘PEDDON’ brand, said that she gained many achievements during the TechXtile Start-up Challenge process and thanked Ufuk Batum for her support as a mentor in the process. Reyhan, with my project named “My Most Special Day is My Every Day”, I became the winner of the Service-Developed Entrepreneur Category (Scale-Up), in which entrepreneurs whose ventures have passed the idea stage and have developed products or services with commercialization and scaling potential compete. There is a story behind the emergence of my product. That’s why I think users are interested. We designed a product so that women can be free at a time when they feel uncomfortable. Since we are designing a product that women will feel free from, we draw our brand strategy accordingly.