Reyhan Miray Reyhan, producing Turkey’s first washable menstrual panties with the brand “Peddon” in March 2021, exceeded the production figure of 10 thousand units. Reyhan started sales to the USA and Canada as well as 4,500 female users in its portfolio.


The path of female entrepreneur Reyhan Miray Reyhan, to find a solution to the bed sores that occurred during the illness of her father, whom she loved very much, extended as far as exporting to America. Reyhan, who produced the first washable menstrual panties in Turkey under the brand “Peddon” by developing the product that she designed amateurishly to relieve her father’s pain, said, “I met my father’s bed sore and my whole life changed. On my way to look for a solution to this problem, I discovered the “Peddon” brand and its products. In March 2021, I produced Turkey’s first washable menstrual panties and started selling them.

Reyhan, which has reached more than 10 thousand production figures and 4 thousand 500 users today, participated in the TechXtile Start-Up Challenge, the entrepreneurship program organized by Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB), in 2021, winning both first place and the Women Entrepreneur Special award. Reyhan Miray Reyhan did not return empty-handed from the USA, which she went to a few hours after the award ceremony. Reyhan, who started sales in America and Canada, said, “There are many opportunities, especially in America. We receive investment requests from Turkey and abroad.


“We prevent the waste of 1,600 sanitary pads”


Nowadays, when sustainability and environmental approaches are being talked about more, Peddon’s environmentalist dimension also provides a distinct advantage for consumption. “We reduced 1,600 sanitary pad waste with each Peddon. Reyhan emphasized that there is a need for programs that support entrepreneurship such as the TechXtile Start-Up Challenge and that many good ideas especially in the young generation and many projects in technoparks can be brought to light in this way and brought to the economy.