A new textile sector-oriented cooperation bridge was established between Turkey and Finland. It was decided to carry out joint studies at the Sustainable Textile Meeting held with the Finnish Business Delegation hosted by UTİB and UHKİB in Bursa.

The Finnish Embassy and Business Delegation (Business Finland) representatives, accompanying the Finnish Minister of Development, Cooperation, and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari, who came to Turkey within the scope of the signing of the Joint Economic and Trade Commission (JETCO) protocol with Turkey, met with the representatives of the textile industry in Bursa…At the Sustainable Textile Meeting, hosted by Uludağ Textile Exporters Association (UTİB) and Uludağ Clothing and Apparel Exporters Association (UHKİB), the vision for joint work was determined.


Turkish companies showed great interest in the meetings held between Turkey and Finland in order to contribute to the development of R&D and innovation cooperation through commercial relations, to share sectoral expertise, and to increase information exchange in the fields of circular economy.



In the meeting at Uludağ Exporters Association (UİB), where low carbon and circular economy and sustainable production issues are the main agenda items within the scope of the European Green Agreement; UTİB Chairman of the Board Pınar Taşdelen Engin, UHKİB Chairman of the Board Nüvit Gündemir, Business Finland Director Marika Ollaranta, Business Finland Turkey Representative Nilüfer Alapınar, UTİB, and UHKİB Board members and union members, as well as senior managers of textile companies in Bursa.



Stating that they aim to develop sectoral cooperation between the two countries, UTİB Chairman of the Board Pınar Taşdelen Engin said, “Our country; ranks 6th in the world and 3rd in Europe in exports. As UTİB, which specializes in many sub-groups of the textile industry such as home textiles, apparel fabrics, sportswear, and functional and technical yarns, we exported an annual value of 1.4 billion dollars. This success; innovation, up-to-date technologies, R&D projects, digitalization, and investments in design capabilities. At this point, the effective use of resources has become a policy that must be implemented in all industrial operations due to decreasing natural resources and increasing population. As UTİB, we are focused on ecological production-centered projects. Our members are both local and We also attach great importance to establishing global-based communication and coordination. We see Finland as a priority country in terms of export route,” she said.



Noting that they focus on sustainable design for repair, reuse, and recycling, UHKİB Chairman of the Board Nüvit Gündemir said, “Our region is an important actor in strategic cooperation with global brands. This period, in which European brands re-evaluated their supply processes, allowed us to create an opportunity from the crisis. Nowadays, we were able to benefit from the prominence of the ‘Made in Turkey’ brand in the search for a safe and robust supply chain. We are determined to do our part to ensure that the momentum we have gained continues to increase. As clothing exporters, we are aware of the added value of products based on design and sustainability, both environmental and financial. It is also our top priority to encourage young people and entrepreneurs to pave the way for innovative solutions.”



At the meeting held at UIB, the managers of Finnish companies Mirka Puputti, Petri Alava, Sini İlmonen and Olli Kahkönen made presentations on their sectoral studies. Making important statements about sustainable textile solutions in Finland, Business Finland Low Carbon Industries Program Director Marika Ollaranta said that their country is actively working to prevent climate change starting from 1990 to 2035. After the meeting, the Business Finland team held bilateral meetings with Turkish companies and also visited the Yeşim Textile factory and examined the works on site.


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