UTİB President Pınar Taşdelen Engin stated that thanks to the training they gave to entrepreneurs to draw a roadmap for their business ideas, textile and sub-sectors will make great progress and transform into a production base.


Uludağ Textile Exporters Association (UTİB) conducted the General Entrepreneurship Training online for entrepreneurs who applied to the TechXtile Start-Up Challenge 2021 program.

The training, which was organized to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to reveal qualified business ideas, lasted for two days in a week, for a total of four days, under the moderation of TechXtile Program Coordinator Ufuk Batum. Making the opening speech of the training, UTİB Chairman of the Board Pınar Taşdelen Engin said, “We aim to become a production base in the textile industry with the contribution of R&D and innovation studies.”




Stating that the training organized within the scope of TechXtile Start-Up Challenge will progress long-term cooperation and develop the understanding of entrepreneurship in the textile and clothing sector, UTİB President Pınar Taşdelen Engin said, “The Techxtile Start-Up Challenge has been a very useful program in line with the feedback we received from our stakeholders and entrepreneurs. . Based on this idea, we are determined to produce more projects to contribute to our industry. Our training will add great value to our industry thanks to the projects of our participants. With this program we have made specifically for textiles, the sub-branches and sectors that our industry is in contact with will also develop and grow. In the Techxtile Start-Up Challenge program, instead of giving awards in line with the requests, we receive from our participants, mentoring, and patent application support, we support our entrepreneurs in areas such as establishing a new company, renting an office, and accounting support. The business ideas of our entrepreneurs, who will meet with customers and investors in the Mind and Idea Meetings program organized within this scope, will be realized. I wish success to all our entrepreneurs in this journey that we started with the General Entrepreneurship Training for Participants.”




Ufuk Batum, who listened to the business ideas of the participants and gave in-depth information on many subjects from business models to customer segments, advised entrepreneurs to be customer and solution-oriented. Emphasizing the importance of R&D once again, Batumi said, “Turkey’s total R&D budget is 8 billion dollars. Although it seems like a large number, it is not enough. The increase in R&D investments will pave the way for new ventures. The attitude of entrepreneurs when starting this business is very important, an entrepreneur can never be pessimistic. The way you have evaluated changes according to the energy we radiate while presenting our idea to the jury. I recommend that you always be optimistic and act in a planned manner. To expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem, programs full of opportunities such as the Techxtile Start-Up Challenge are of great importance. guiding and eye-opening. This program is a journey and everyone who participates in this journey gains certain benefits. We are always ready to support young entrepreneurs and startups, as long as they want to be benefited.”




TechXtile Program Coordinator Ufuk Batum, who noted that he made continuous improvement in the process by investing in human capital, said, “Do not be afraid of making mistakes; Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Entrepreneurship is not a domain where we seek perfection. The R&D ecosystem in our country has developed considerably, and I strongly recommend investors and entrepreneurs be optimistic in this regard. R&D is the main point of development and competition. In today’s world where markets are articulated, we need to differentiate with R&D studies to rise in position in this competitive environment. Once you have developed a culture of research and development, you must combine it with marketing and commercialize it. By thinking market-oriented, you should put the customer first and take your next steps forward based on the feedback you receive.




Batum, who also informed that the way of entrepreneurs create a business model consists of 9 building blocks, said, “The business model, which is the backbone of the business plan; refers to the set of behaviors in which market value is defined, produced, distributed and repeated. While realizing your business idea, you should transform a value that fits your needs into a product or service. After determining the need of the market and performing the production, you must have analyzed the customer’s world well while distributing to the right customer channel. Because everything in marketing revolves around the customer. Customers should be segmented based on behavior, age, gender, geographic location, purchasing power, and education level. Thanks to this segmentation, you can turn to the right customer channel and focus on providing value to your target audience.”